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5 Shows That Aren’t Game of Thrones AKA Shows You Can Watch While Scrolling Through Your Phone

I’ve always wished there was a section on Netflix called, “easy breezy shows that you can watch but don’t fully have to pay attention to in order to understand.” (If Netflix creates this I want credit!!). We don’t all have the attention span to watch Game of Thrones, ya feel? If I’m thinking this, I’m sure a ton of other people are too – so that’s why I want to list out 5 shows you can watch and understand while still being a space cadet.

Styling Hollywood

5 Shows That Aren't Game Of Thrones

This show streams on Netflix and is about a couple that owns a business together, JSN Studio. Jason (the guy with the hat on) is a celebrity stylist, while his partner, Adair, is an interior designer (also for celebs). They are suchhh a hot couple and both so good at what they do. It’s fun to see how their business runs as well as all the juicy couple fights they have (what reality TV is all about amirite??).

Below Deck Mediterranean

5 Shows That Aren't Game Of Thrones

This show is my version of Game of Thrones – I can always count on it to bring the drama. It’s a Bravo show, and I trust Bravo with my life so I knew it was going to be good. It follows the staff on a super yacht and their drama with each other, as well as their drama with the crazy guests that come on the yacht. It’s literally so entertaining and I never thought I’d know so much about being a deckhand on a boat.

Selling Sunset

5 Shows That Aren't Game Of Thrones

This is another Netflx show. It follows the team that works at Oppenheim Group Real Estate in LA, which just so happens to be a team of 5 women that look like pornstars. I can’t tell if this show sets women back one million years or the opposite, but either way it’s a fun show, and the episodes are only 20-30 minutes each.

Relatively Nat + Liv

5 Shows That Aren't Game Of Thrones

You might recognize Nat + Live from the E show, “WAGS” (a show about women who only date athletes, hilarious). Now, they have their own spinoff on E that follows them + their family in Canada. It’s very similar to The Kardashians in that its centered around their “crazyyy family” – but their family really is hilarious (they both have ridiculous gay brothers) and you grow to love them a lot.


5 Shows That Aren't Game Of Thrones

This HBO show that is NOT Game of Thrones (sorry, last time) is pretty self-explanatory – it’s about a divorce and everything that comes with it. It’s funny, and has short seasons as well as short episodes. If you don’t like SJP or Sex and The City, though, you probably won’t like Divorce, because SJP is pretty much just a grown-up Carrie in this.