Best Clean And Cruelty-Free Skincare Products For Adult Hormonal Acne

The Brand

Do you have adult hormonal acne or hormonal skin all-around? Then listen up!

I was lucky enough to meet skincare brand Knours at the Indie Beauty Expo last month. This brand stuck out to me for a few reasons:

  1. The name! Knours stands for “Know your skin, period.” So clever. Wonder who came up with that/how…

  2. The products are clean and cruelty-free, making them 10x more trustworthy in my eyes.

  3. Knours knows that less is more, so all of their products are designed to minimize the steps in your skincare routine. AKA a “skincare diet!”

  4. The products are designed to address women’s skincare concerns associated with hormonal fluctuations to ensure clear, balanced, glowing skin.”

Props to Knours for all of the above, but mostly for #4!! They really have the best clean and cruelty-free skincare products for adult hormonal acne. I think this is so smart and a total gap in the industry. Women everywhere are dealing with hormonal acne, so why not make a line that deals with this issue head on?

The Products

Knours kindly gifted me the Period Bliss Set.

7-14 days before our period, our skin gets oily, and our pores become clogged (due to higher levels of testosterone, #science!!). Knours knows how awful this is, and has got you totally covered with the 3 products in their Period Bliss Set:

Your Only Cleanser, $25

Knours Your Only Cleanser is the best clean and cruelty-free skincare product for adult hormonal acne.

This is a 2-in-1 cleanser, meaning that it starts off as an oil cleanser to remove makeup, and then transforms into a bubbly foam that washes away any impurities left behind. I love this cleanser!!! It smells soo fresh and does a BOMB job of removing my makeup.

Be Kind to Your Skin Mask, $15

Knours Be Kind To Your Skin Sheet Mask is the best clean and cruelty-free sheet mask for adult hormonal acne.

This is my new all-time favorite sheet mask. I went through all of them in 1 week, whoops. The mask is SO hydrating and cooling (probably thanks to the organic aroma oils) – by the time the 20 minutes is up, I still don’t want to take it off! My skin has been feeling super tight and dry, so this mask has been perfect for giving my skin the “reset” it needs. And, for adults with hormonal acne – the hydration paired with the cooling effect of the masks will calm your breakouts down STAT. Trust me!

Skin Meditation Gel Cream, $36

Knours Skin Meditation Gel Moisturizer is the best clean and cruelty-free moisturizer for adult hormonal acne.

This is a super lightweight gel moisturizer that’s packed with peppermint essential oils to cool the skin. Again, this is amazing for breakouts. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better clean and cruelty-free skincare product for adult hormonal acne.

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely. And The Starter Kit ($28) is a great place to start.

I do have to say – I am obviously NOT a scientist, and have no real authority in telling you what does and does not work for your hormones. However, I AM a skincare junkie that has tried many a skincare product, and these products are definitely high up there in my list of favs. I love supporting clean and cruelty-free skincare brands, especially when they’re addressing such an (unfortunately) common problem of adult hormonal acne.

xoxo and have a great period, pregnancy or menopause with Knours!!! 😉