Why Jeffree Star, James Charles And All Of Those Other Makeup Artists Aren’t As Vain As They Might Seem

Let’s face it: we love Jeffree Star, James Charles, Tati and all of those beauty and makeup artists/YouTubers. But what they’re doing – and what I’m doing (working as a makeup artist and blogging about it, after all) – can seem vain and shallow as hell.

Jeffree star makeup.
Jeffree Star – Makeup YouTuber

However, I’m here to tell you why Jeffree Star and James Charles aren’t shallow. Actually, beauty overall is not as vain of an industry as people might think. Read more to find out why you should agree with me!

My Makeup “Journey”

Surprising to most, I didn’t start wearing makeup on a daily basis until about a year ago. I was lazy, what can I say! I didn’t care to wake up any earlier than I needed to in order to put on makeup.

But then I graduated makeup school and thought I should probably start practicing on myself, even if I am only practicing the “no-makeup makeup” look (not tryna go from wearing no makeup to wearing winged eyeliner daily). So, I began my daily makeup routine of tinted moisturizer, blush, highlight, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. It’s not much, but man oh man did it give me a confidence boost I was not at all expecting.

Check out my everyday makeup routine here: part 1 + part 2!!

I noticed that I started acting more friendly when I was wearing makeup. Smiling at strangers. Even talking to them. What was happening?! If you know me, you know I definitely can be social but that I also can be quite the opposite. I’m pretty introverted, hate small talk and probably am not going to go out of my way to talk to you unless I am deeply, deeply interested in what you have to say. At least I am self-aware?

Anyways, it occurred to me that feeling beautiful on the outside actually caused me to feel more confident in all aspects of my life. There’s a reason Jeffree Star and James Charles are so outspoken and self-assured (in their YouTube videos at least) – they’re feeling stunning and glam in their makeup! My vibe went from “don’t talk to me” to “hey let’s be friends.” All because I felt beautiful in my own skin.

Jeffree Star makeup
Ponytail clip-in hair extension from RPZL

Why Makeup Is The Good Guy

Beauty products are not about masking or hiding the way you look, but about making you look and feel YOUR personal best, and highlighting what makes you, you. While the beauty industry is fun and glamorous, it’s especially important because it can help each and every one of us reach our true potential. 

Okay, that was SO CORNY. But I really believe it! When you feel great, you become a person that other people want to be around.

So, learn those new beauty tips with a Jeffree Star makeup tutorial, and spend that extra buck on that lipgloss you’ve been wanting, or on that amazing Hourglass highlighter linked above. 😉 You’re not just investing in a product, but you are investing in yourself – the one person you can always count on (again, corny, sorry, I’m in a mood). You are allowed to want to feel beautiful – and trust me, once you do, you’ll be so confident you won’t even recognize yourself! It happened to me (and to Jeffree Star. Okay I’m done talking about him).


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