Indie Beauty Brands That Are Actually Innovating

The beauty space is…cramped, to say the least. New skincare and makeup brands are popping up left and right, and celebrities like Selena Gomez that could probably care less about makeup (yes, this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it! Who asked for a makeup brand from Selena Gomez?) are even coming out with beauty brands to grab a slice of the billion-dollar pie. 

Because of the saturation in the space, it’s become even more difficult to innovate. That’s why the products I’m discussing below are so kickass! So read on to hear about some of my favorite indie beauty products that are totally changing the game: 



Croon is a sustainable alternative to makeup wipes, and not to mention the cutest little things I ever did see. It’s a circular microfiber (they have a cleansing microfiber and an exfoliating microfiber) and all you need to add is water in order to wash. This sounds suspect – who TF washes their face with just water? But it REALLY works, just read the reviews! Plus, consumers have higher standards now when it comes to sustainability, so I’m happy to see brands like Croon stepping up. 

Mineral Air


Have you ever wanted to try airbrush foundation, but were too intimidated? Then Mineral Air is perfect for you. It’s an airbrush device that gives you a light, flawless complexion and is easy for EVERYONE to use. It’s super quick and easy to apply and the makeup really looks like skin. Plus, the ingredients are clean – so this is a brand we can really trust. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 2.33.44 PM.png



Eyeko is here to help us get rid of undereye darkness and bags in a totally new and unique way. Eyeko’s eye boost serum is a massage tool and serum all-in-one. It’s a common myth that you can’t be too harsh with your hands when applying products under the eye; however, it’s actually best to really massage the area to increase blood flow and subsequently get rid of those dark bags. This product will not only do that but also hydrate the area fully. You can thank me later! 

ABLE Cosmetics


Able Cosmetics is killing the game. Their products each solve a common beauty problem that I’m sure we can each relate to (unless @makeupbymario is reading this). Their three products include: 

  • Cat Eye 101: eyeliner that makes the much-feared winged cat eyeliner actually achievable 
  • No Mess’cara: mascara that comes with a “shield” to protect your eyelid so you don’t get mascara all over it
  • Primary Pencil: blendable eyeliner that comes with a sharpener inside the cap (because we all know how annoying that can be)

Not only is Able solving common pain-points for consumers, but their formulas are also always amazing and long-lasting. I’m excited to see what else this company comes up with. 

LaFlore Probiotic Skincare

This skincare line has probiotics which is a totally new idea and helps to reduce inflammation. I saw a noticeable difference in my skin when I used this line – it really plumped it up and made my skin feel firm. It’s perfect for all skin types.

The products available include:

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