The Best Beauty Products For De-Stressing During Vanderpump Rules

Whether you’re a Vanderpump Rules gal like myself or more of a Bachelor gal, we all know a stressful reality TV show when we see (hear?) one. And how can we cope with the stress of a Stassi Schroeder vs. Kristin Doute fight, you might ask? With beauty products! 

Here are my favorite skincare and beauty products for dealing with the insane tension and anxiety that comes with watching 45-minutes (or 3.5 hours depending on what kind of sh*t you’re into) of high-stakes drama. There’s nothing quite like a beauty-regime/TV combo, amirite? 

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Wander Beauty Scenic Route Hair Treatment


This is a 3-in-1 hair treatment: it can be used as a conditioner, as a leave-in conditioner/hair detangler, or as a hair mask. To use as a hair mask, saturate your hair in Scenic Route and leave it in for half of the Vanderpump Rules episode. Once you arrive at the middle set of commercials (you’ll usually know you’re halfway through an episode when Tom Sandoval starts crying), feel free to wash the hair mask out, and come back restored and refreshed and ready to watch Jax and Tom make up (…or not, dun dun dunnn!). 

Whish Beauty Vanilla Lip Scrub


Whish Beauty’s lip scrubs have been a lifesaver in the cold winter months. I can’t really use them throughout the day, though, because I’m always wearing lipstick, so exfoliating my lips during an episode of Vanderpump Rules is the perfect solution. But feel free to wash the scrub off after about 20-minutes, because eating popcorn is important too. 

Beautini Peel-Off Mask + Matching Tea 


Beauteani knows that beauty comes from the inside out, and therefore wants you to drink the tea while also watching it (wow TERRIBLE joke). Anyway, the peel-off mask will help unclog your pores, while the tea will help brighten and revitalize the skin. Peeling the mask off at the end of the episode is basically like peeling off all of the sins you just watched be committed by Jax, so it’s needed. 

Snow Fox Youth Collagen Boosting Mask


These masks are so potent and amazing. The youth collagen mask, in particular, is super cooling and therefore helps with irritation and stress in the skin. We’re of course going to have stressed-out skin when DJ James Kennedy is being that mean to his girlfriend (no matter how absolutely simple she is!). It’s the perfect skincare product for decompressing after a long day. 

Herbal Dynamics Beauty Mango & Green Tea Firming Eye Mask


Admit it. You’ve totally shed a tear (or two) during Vanderpump Rules. When we cry, our eyes get puffy – which means eye masks to the rescue! This firming eye mask from Herbal Dynamics Beauty not only smells amazing but gets the job done. I even leave mine in the fridge for a cooling effect. So instead of eating your feelings during a high-stakes episode of VPR, slabber them on your face in the form of a clean beauty eye mask. 😉

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