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The Top 5 Most Amazing Scenes From Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ Netflix Doc

I’ve been a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s music since the smash hit ‘Tim McGraw’ days. I didn’t really care for or about her personality, though, until this documentary.

I get that she obviously had a lot of say in how this documentary portrayed her; but hey, I’m a sucker, and it worked. I came away from it being like, “Taylor Swift is THE most down-to-earth human on this entire planet and if you think she is calculated you are dead to me!!!!”. Okay, maybe not THAT extreme, but I’m definitely more of a fan now than I was. 

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If you didn’t watch, or did watch and want to relive the greatness that was the documentary, here are the top 5 most spectacular scenes and takeaways from ‘Miss Americana.’

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When Taylor Swift started getting involved in politics, I was definitely the first to be like, ehhh – they probably just told her to say all of this/gave her all of the basic ideas to share and kind of just slapped her name on them. But the documentary showed that it was actually quite the opposite. Her parents and publicist were extremely vocal about wanting her to continue to play it safe and not speak out as they were fearful of her safety. 

But I love that Taylor was so passionate about speaking up for female and gay rights and was just like, f you all!! I really respect how she handled all of it and I think she’s fine even with Trump “liking her music 25% less now.”


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I was shocked but also relieved to hear this. Because, when you see someone like Taylor Swift, you’re kind of like – that isn’t fair, she’s so naturally thin and lanky! But I guess not, because she opened up about being super self-conscious of her stomach to the point of starving herself and feeling like she was going to pass out after her shows. She was just super real about the whole thing and I think it’s awesome that she’s overcome this while still being so honest about her vulnerabilities. 


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…which brings us to this point. Taylor was also extremely honest about how much she looks to her fans for approval. She said her entire self-worth was really based on claps from her audience; which is why the Kanye/MTV VMA’s scandal was so rough for her. Ughhh, I still feel for her so much in that cringe-y moment. But anyway, this was yet another example of Taylor’s relatability and admittance of that fact that stars are all slightly messed up, just like us!


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Obvi the reason we even know who Taylor is is because she is a mega pop-star and songwriter. So IDK why I was so surprised to see that damn, she’s good at what she does. She took us into the process of her and her producer crafting her songs – and I have to say she was born for this. She just KNOWS how to make her songs catchy and comes up with the smartest lyrics. The Swifties are probably reading this being like, no sh*t!, but it still has to be said, okay?! 


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The documentary shows Taylor on the phone being told that she was not nominated for the Grammy’s. You can see her tearing up but still staying strong, and saying “It’s fine I’ll just make a better album.” We’ve all experienced someone telling us bad news and trying to appear happy, but being sooo sad on the inside. This was Taylor and it was so relatable. 

Unfortunately, it’s become clear that the Grammy’s are just kinda done with Taylor Swift. But I am not – I’m just getting started! 

Xoxo, an old but kinda new Swiftie 

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