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The Celebrity Books You Need To Download On Audible

Guys, I’ve become such a reader in quarantine. Just kidding, Lord knows I can’t step away from my phone to read more than one paragraph of a book, unfortunately. Which is why I’ve become obsessed with listening to audiobooks (specifically celebrities’ books!) on Audible.

I listen to audiobooks when I’m working out, cooking, scrolling through Instagram, eating lunch, trying to fall asleep, or when I’m writing blog posts like this one right now. With audiobooks, I’m able to “read a book” throughout all times of the day (#humblebrag). It’s entertaining (unless you pick a boring one which you won’t after reading this blog post) and, even better, makes me feel PRODUCTIVE. I’m making my way through a book, learning new things about my fav celebs and Bravolebrities all while cleaning the house!

Actual reading is a boring thing of the past we were forced to do in high school Social Studies. Get with the times, and start listening to audiobooks FOR FREE with my link, HERE (!

Below are the celebrity books I’ve listened to recently, in no particular order. Download and start listening so that we can talk more shiz in the FB Group.

A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Bethenny Frankel

I know, I know we’re definitely not all Bethenny fans. And we’re certainly not all self-help book fans (I’m embarrassed to even have the word “self-help” written on my website). But this book is so worth reading for all of the juicy gossip Bethenny serves on her past relationships, past career failures, failed engagements, current relationship, Housewives drama…the list goes on. I listened to this book in two days, it was that juicy.

I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To: 10 Rules for Not Screwing Up Your Happily Ever After by Bethenny Frankel

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Bethenny Frankel

While this book was entertaining, I wouldn’t exactly download and read it in hopes of actually solving your relationship problems. Bethenny wrote this book in the midst of her horrific divorce with Jason; and while she can’t spill too much on their relationship for legal reasons, we still get some interesting stories from her past relationships (and, sometimes in the book, I suspect she is talking about Jason, but just can’t reveal it). Her psychologist Dr. Amador also weighs in throughout the book with, like, actual professional relationship advice; which I appreciate, because in what world are we taking relationship advice from Bethenny Frankel now (still love you B!!!).

The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating by Carole Radziwill

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Carole Radziwill

This book is amazing and the only novel on this list. I’m 27 years old, never married, and still enjoyed it – which means this book does not discriminate against non-widows! It has a ‘Sex and the City’ vibe to it, as we’re following the main character’s sexscapades with actors, athletes and more in both New York City and Los Angeles. Even though this book is obviously inspired by the tragedy that was Carole’s husband dying of cancer, it still manages to be an uplifting, funny, and light read.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Jessica Simpson

Where do I even start with this one? Hopefully at this point you’ve at least heard about all of the juicy gossip Jessica Simpson delivers in ‘Open Book’ – from the Mickey Mouse days with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and more; to her divorce with Nick Lachey; to her toxic relationship with John Mayer; to her dad’s sexuality and a f*ckton more. This book has so much insane gossip in it that I swear each couple of chapters could be a book on their own. Jessica Simpson is so relatable, you will fall in love with her and her story. I listened to this book twice, that’s how intent I was on not missing a single thing!

You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again: One Woman’s Painfully Funny Quest to Give It Up by Heather McDonald

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Heather McDonald

Comedian Heather McDonald was a virgin until she was 28 years old. Who woulda thought! Through the short stories in this book, Heather recounts funny situations she encountered as a virgin in her twenties as well as the crazy experience that was her almost-fiance discovering he was going to be a father. Not with Heather’s baby, but with the baby of a woman he hooked up with when he and Heather only first began dating (spoiler alert: Heather is a stepmom now!). If that confused you, just download the book.

My Inappropriate Life: Some Material Not Suitable for Small Children, Nuns, Or Mature Adults by Heather McDonald

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Heather McDonald

This is Heather’s second book, which includes more ridiculous short stories from her experiences as a young mother and working at Chelsea Lately on E!. This book is funny and light and probably the perfect foray into audiobooks because of that.

Do You Mind If I Cancel? by Gary Janetti

celebrity book you need to download on audible - Gary Janetti

This might be my favorite book ever. Gary Janetti is so perfectly sarcastic, and every single chapter is not only funnier but also more heartfelt than the next. ‘Do You Mind If I Cancel?’ is in the form of short stories and is also a quick listen – but what he sacrifices in quantity he makes up for in quality. It’s perfect.

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

celebrity books to download on audible - Leah Remini

Okay, I actually haven’t listened to this book yet, but it’s next on my list! I watched Leah Remini’s docuseries on Scientology and it was INSANELY informative, scary, and honestly, groundbreaking; and I’m sure this book is all of that and more. I’m also weirdly obsessed with cults and Scientology is first on my list of cult obsessions thank youuuu.

NOW GO AND LISTEN TO THESE CELEBRITY (and their ghostwriters’ in some cases, sry) BOOKS ON AUDIBLE FOR FREE!

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