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My Top 5 Favorite Things – September

As I discussed on the podcast, I’ve officially introduced a new segment to ReKaps! On the last episode of each month, I’ll be rounding up my top 5 favorite things from the month, which could range from beauty to fashion to TV to jewelry – really anything (specificity is not a strong suit here okay Karen???).

Here are my top 5 favorite things from September:

Tarte Drink of H2O, $39.99

Hydrating, vegan moisturizer perfect for the winter.

tarte drink of h20

Larissa Loden BITCH Necklace, $55

The necklace that you will get 10 million compliments on.

bitch necklace

Patagonia Bra, $45

The super comfortable, soft, and surprisingly supportive sports bra from Patagonia – a brand with ethics!!

patagonia sports bra

Black Fanny Pack, $25

I couldn’t find the exact fanny pack that I bought, but this one is even more chic IMO. My fanny pack has saved my life and once you buy one, you’ll be unsure what you ever did without it!

adidas black fanny pack

Red Velvet Blazer, $45

Looks like the blazer I bought isn’t being sold anymore, so I found a dupe on Amazon. So chic for fall (yes I just said that and I mean it!!!).

red velvet blazer

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