Hailey Bieber Is Giving Us Old School Britney Spears Vibes in This Denim Look

We all remember that fateful 2001 American Music Awards in which Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived in matching denim outfits. If you don’t remember, then you’ve probably been confused about a lot of Halloween costumes from the past decade. Nonetheless here’s a picture to remind you:

Just as Britney and JT are a thing of the past, so is wearing denim dresses to award shows, and early 2000s fashion as a whole. But that’s okay because Hailey Bieber is bringing denim back and into this decade. 

Hailey Bieber was spotted in NYC this past week looking snatched as ever wearing a denim bustier top (yes, you heard that correctly) and oversized dark-wash denim jeans to match (yes, you heard that correctly, too). If you’re still with me, know that this wasn’t just any ol’ denim bustier (because, you know, those denim bustiers are so popular these days). The top has a zipper running through the middle – which might be more efficacious than stylish as the bustier is extremely tight and what happens when Hailey needs to actually take the damn thing off?! But the fun does not stop there! The top is long-sleeved and puffy at the shoulders, which oddly works, even with her baggy pants to match.

When I say these pants are “baggy”, just know that I mean I saw a New York Jets linebacker wearing the exact same pair the day prior. Okay, that’s not entirely true, or even true at all, but I want you to understand how insanely large these jeans appear to be for Hailey Bieber’s frame. In no way am I advocating for these pants to become the next trend (I can’t imagine ever being able to pull them off), but I will say Hailey Bieber looks damn good in them. 

As far as accessories, Hailey is wearing a simple black mask (yes, masks are the most important accessory these days, ladies!), small gold hoops and layered gold necklaces. Hailey is also carrying a red, heart-shaped purse that in writing sounds corny but in the paparazzi picture looks fab. 

Perhaps there is a new, iconic Halloween costume on the horizon. Nice work, Hailey! 

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