Why Halloween Is The Best Night To Hook Up (Plus Some Funny Halloween Costumes)

If you’re not getting it in on Halloween you’re doing something wrong. Honestly, though. Halloween is literally the one holiday where adults are ENCOURAGED wear funny ass Halloween costumes and essentially act like and dress up as animals. Bizarre, yes; amazing, definitely yes. So, read my super insightful and deep thoughts on Halloween hook up culture below, and why you should definitely at least be making out on Halloween.

BTW this article is assuming that my audience is not boring.

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We’re All Anonymous

To me, this is the most hilarious part of Halloween. I remember one Halloween in college I was hanging out with someone in a full lion onesie costume all night. Couldn’t even see his face. On any other night would I be hanging out with someone whose face had yet to be revealed to me? I mean, of course not. But on Halloween, we ALL look like scary creatures ravaging the night. So, lion it was!!

Funny lion Halloween costume.
Lion onesie funny Halloween costume. Any guy that wears this is totally hot right….?

It also goes without saying that Halloween definitely gives ugly people a chance. I remember comedian Corinne Fisher had an amazing bit about this that I naturally forget/could not find on her IG, but it was something about ugly people having a chance to cover their faces on Halloween and still fitting right in. Just saying, this was said, and I laughed, and now I’m sharing it.

We’re Living Out Our Childhood Fantasies

Don’t tell me that you haven’t dressed up as whatever it was you wanted to be when you were little as an adult on Halloween. Is it a coincidence I’ve dressed up as Britney Spears multiple times? NOPE. We’re all walking around as our most confident selves on Halloween because we’re secretly living out our childhood fantasies. Confidence = talking to more people = drinks = flirting with more people = making out = IDK what happens next you nasty.

Britney Spears Halloween costume.
The Britney Spears Halloween costume we all know and love

We Look Freaking Good

Us ladies always want to look our best, but on Halloween, we definitely take it up a notch. Corinne Fisher said another hilarious thing about this. It was something like: the best part about Halloween is that you find out who has had huge boobs this whole time. They come out on Halloween and you never even knew they existed. And you’re thinking to yourself – why have these girls been relying on their personalities when it’s clearly hasn’t been working?

HILARIOUS. Time to rely more on your boobs, ladies!!! (Kidding, if I even needed to state the obvious).

But anyways, looking great gives you confidence (more on that here), and in turn, you’ll be more likely to meet more people since you feel freaking hawtttt.

We’re In The Mood

If you’re going out on Halloween, you’re going out to have A NIGHT. No one goes out on Halloween to just “have a few drinks.” If you’re making the effort to put together a funny or normal or slutty Halloween costume and decide on a bar (this is a whole other story that includes buying tickets to an event as well as researching which bar you even want to go to), then you’re ready and prepared to make the most of the night. This includes staying out late, maybe pregaming, but above all – DEFINITELY wanting to socialize with others. No one goes out on Halloween to only talk to their one friend dressed in a weird Hippie costume. You want to meet other people, and you want to hook up.

Womens halloween costumes.
Oh you guys came to this Halloween party together? Weird.


Cuffing season is real, especially in NYC. So long are the summer days when we’re free to roam about with clear faces, free of snot.

We all know how cuffing season goes at this point – people start pairing off so that they have someone to brace the colder weather with. And fall is when people start hunting for their prey. Halloween is the time when everyone looking for a cuffing partner comes together to UNITE! Yeah, some people are looking to only hook up; but I think in the fall, people are also starting to think about someone they can spend more than just one night with.


There you have it. Now, I want to make one thing clear. If you want to hook up on Halloween you MUST put in EFFORT! Like anything you want in life, you have to go for it with your all – whether you decide on a slutty OR funny Halloween costume, okayyyy?

Don’t give me a shy girl vibe on Halloween. Don’t stand in the corner with your arms crossed and a coat in your hands, only talking to the 7 girlfriends you arrived with. Actually, don’t even bring a coat, and definitely don’t go out with 7 clingy girlfriends. Give this night your all and meet that match for the cold weather. I have faith in you and your Halloween costume hotness.

BYE and good luck!

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